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BIM Based Shop-Fabrication Drawings (From Clash free 3D Model)
BIMStar provides high-quality 3D Modelling, Drafting and Detailing services to construction industry. Specialising in Mechanical HVAC systems, all of our work is performed by tradesman who have hands-on experience fabricating and installing these systems and understand the complexities of MEP work. We are capable of completing entire projects, or in concert with your existing team. We provide fast, friendly and professional services while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) generates a complete digital model of the building that can produce exact bill of material and cost estimate along with coordinated drawings and details. A conceptual building information model can provide a quick feedback on several design assumptions as the model contains components with historical cost data, productivity data and other estimating data. In BIM based estimating & takeoff system the design model is linked with estimating process and the quantity takeoff along with overall estimating process is greatly enhanced. The faster feedback on proposed design changes can be easily achieved.

Coordinated MEPF Composite Services Drawings
MEP 3D Model is effectively utilized for production for coordinated MEPF / M & E Drawings. These includes drawings at various stages such as,
MEPF / M&E Schematic Drawings
MEPF / M&E Drawings Tender / Bid
MEPF / M&E Construction Drawings
MEPF / M&E Contract Drawings
MEPF / M & E Coordination Drawings from Clash Free Model (Process)
Once the clash detection & removal process is completed, BIMStar produces coordinated MEPF drawings from this clash free model. We are able to verify that our spatially coordinated MEP building services models work to engineering standards and constraints as well as the structural and architectural elements within a building.
Coordinated Service Drawings (CSD) is prepared by coordinating the MEP services like HVAC, Plumbing/Hydraulic, Fire Fighting and Electrical 3D Models with the Architectural, Structural, and Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCP). It is ensured that these services do not obstruct each other either physically or functionally. These are done as per the Clients requirements / Specifications, and strictly adhering to various International Standards.
BIMStar has extensive experience on executing MEP 2D & 3D projects. Our team of engineers with manufacturing experience supports in converting your hand-drawn sketches, design concepts and drawings into 2D and 3D. We have developed CAD Toolbars to facilitate the production of drawings. We have executed number of projects for our customers in the areas of Oil & Gas, Chemical, Telecom and various Industry verticals. We do also generate Bill of Materials for assembly’s that ultimately, make it easy for our clients to plan inventory levels and production planning and help them achieve efficiency on the shop floor.
BIMStar will extend the power of BIM and improve mechanical prefabrication processes with Autodesk® Fabrication. Autodesk Fabrication helps mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) contractors enhance their workflows by adding powerful design, detailing, and estimating and fabrication tools. Quickly move from a model into MEP fabrication or estimating with Autodesk® Fabrication. These impressive tools also allow you to use manufacturers’ specific information to help increase the speed and accuracy of your projects.
BIMStar will be using Autodesk® Fabrication suite. Fabrication CADmep software* supports detailing, fabrication, and installation workflows for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) contractors. MEP fabrication videos demonstrate tools that extend design-intent to help you create more accurate, intelligent, constructible models of building services systems. The design model is transformed into detailing model before the
We ensure to have no collisions with the steel, ceiling and MEP elements. As an example, HVAC drawings showing installed ductwork with horizontal and vertical dimensions to avoid interference with structural framing, ceilings, partitions, equipment, lights, mechanical, fire protection, electrical and other services. The drawings provide top of duct and bottom of duct dimensions. These are extracted from clash free 3D Model. The necessary annotations, text and attributes are added so as to increase readability of drawings and more project and trade information is made available. These drawings are utilized further by each trade contractor to install his equipment’s in space allocated for respective systems.
Coordination drawings are utilised to coordinate the needs of each system installer, ensuring that everything can be properly installed and providing space to do so. Similar to shop drawings, coordination drawings allow the project to be laid out ‘virtually,’ and provide a clear plan of action to each systems contractor. Utilizing coordination drawings on a construction project prevents problems arising between contractors during construction.
The production of combined services drawings (plans and sections) locates each service in two dimensions and helps identify any clashes. Once services are fully coordinated all builders work information can be added (slab and wall penetrations etc.) and identified individually. These drawings are produced with each service and associated notation on separate, easily identifiable layers making it a simple task to peel off individual services to form the basis of workshop installation drawings.
Shop / Fabrication Drawings – Single Services Drawings (SSD
A shop drawing is a drawing or set of drawings produced by the contractor, supplier, manufacturer, subcontractor, or fabricator. Shop drawings are typically required for prefabricated components. Examples of these include: elevators, structural steel, trusses, pre-cast, windows, appliances, cabinets, air handling units, and millwork. Also critical are the installation and coordination shop drawings of the MEP trades such as sheet metal ductwork, piping, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical.
The shop drawing’s primary emphasis is on the particular product or installation and excludes notation concerning other products and installations, unless integration with the subject product is necessary. It can also include take-off all individual pieces
These drawings provides a clear view for the contractor and builder of any potential issues they may face when installing certain systems, prior to the start of construction. Facing delays due to conflicts or issues, such as too many or not enough workers for a job, can be extremely costly for a contractor. Thus, shop drawings will prevent costly issues from arising during a construction project.

We can create 3D models from 2D drawings or adapt architects 3D models to allow for work breakdown structuring to an agreed SMM format. This can often be completed within the time constraints of tendering deadlines. SMM data (Standard Method of Measurement) generated for BOQ production enables BIM data to be used by sub-contractors for tendering as well as onsite teams for contract administration. The upfront effort is similar to a typical BOQ production, but the downstream savings in time and improved accuracy can be invaluable to project teams.

MEP/ HVAC Shop – Fabrication Drawings
BIMStar Delivers below Coordinated drawings as well as Coordinated Shop-Fabrication drawings from Clash Free 3D Model.
Mechanical Coordination Drawings : HVAC-Duct, Piping
Mechanical Room Shop Drawings : Boiler, Chiller, Water, Sewage
Plumbing Shop & Spool Drawings : Above Grade, Underground
Electrical Shop Drawings : Power, Lighting, & Containment Shop Drawings & Panel Board Schedule.
Fire Protection Shop Drawings : Fire protection piping.
Fabrication & Spool Drawings : Sheet Metal Fabrication, Spool Drawings
Sleeve & Rough Drawings : Sleeves / Core Drill, Rough Openings

Additional Services : Sectional drawings and BOQ
MEP Shop Drawing Services (Details Covered)
HVAC Drawing Services
Design drawings to shop drawings as per international standards. Developing with details. Preparing sectional views, Preparing ducting levels and elevations
Providing 3D models
Preparing the riser diagrams, schematics, schedules and details for complete HVAC systems
Providing equipment, duct and piping installation details. Coordination of HVAC Shop drawings installation details. Structural and other MEP services

Plumbing (Water Supply & Drainage)
Designing a home to your custom needs is one of the goals of our Customer Service/Design Team. One design consideration is to incorporate a Central Core plumbing layout. Keeping your plumbing areas (kitchen / bathroom / laundry) near one another will save costs by reducing materials use, reduce water consumption, and improve the energy efficiency of the hot water heating system.
Developing design drawings to shop drawings as per international standards with details
Representing plumbing fixture connection details according to approved Submittals and catalogues provided by the client
Providing levels as per standard slopes for water supply and drainage systems. Preparing isometric drawings, Riser diagrams, schematics, details and schedules for complete plumbing systems.
Preparing sectional views of critical areas. Preparing manhole schedules with invert levels and depths. Coordination of plumbing shop drawings with architectural, structural and other MEP services

Fire Fighting System
Developing design drawings to shop drawings as per international standards with details Providing levels as per standard
Preparing isometric drawings ,riser diagrams, schematics, details and schedules for complete plumbing systems
Coordination of firefighting shop drawings with the architectural ,structural and other MEP Services

Electrical Shop Drawings
Fire Alarm & Smoke Detector Layout drawings
IT& Telecom Layout Drawings
Security & Access Control Layouts Drawings
Public Address Layouts Drawings
Power / Lighting / Earthling Layout Drawings
Containment Layout Drawings
Lighting protection Layout Drawings
Small Power Layout Drawings
Builders work Drawings
After preparation of the individual service drawings (ISD) of different services (like HVAC, Plumbing, Firefighting, etc.)A combined service drawing (CSD) is prepared with the help of CSD we have to prepare builders work drawings.
In builders work drawings we show all openings (like wall opening and roof opening) and foundation work details for equipment’s to be installed in given area for all services.
Builder’s work contains different types of wall & slab openings and foundations for different services as mentioned below.
Builders work wall and Proof Opening
Chilled water supply pipes.
Chilled water return pipes.
Cold water supply pipes.
Hot water supply pipes.
Fire Fighting sprinklers pipe.
Waste pipe.
Soil pipe.
Rain water pipe.
Soil vent pipe.
Waste vent pipe.
Condensing drain pipe.
Supply air duct opening.
Return air duct opening.
Exhaust air duct opening.
Fresh air duct opening.
Cable trays opening.
Cable ladders opening.
Builders work Foundation
HVAC equipment’s foundation. | Plumbing equipment’s foundation.
Fire Fighting equipment’s foundation. | Electrical equipment’s foundation.
Sleeve & Spool Drawings
BIMStar will also be delivering Sleeve drawings, shaft drawings as well as spool drawings, which will be produced out of coordinated 3D BIM Model. The necessary dimensions, annotations and editing will be done so as to have highest level of clarity of drawings that can be used by installers/ sub-contractors onsite.
Our services are geared toward the fabrication side, leveraging all prior 3D design work by the Architect and Engineer OR BIM consultant in a manner that benefits the mechanical trade’s contractor. The finished product is an exact representation of the actual components allowing much of these systems to be pre-fabricated off-site where conditions allow maximum production and superior quality. We provide fast, friendly and professional services while maintaining the highest standards of quality
Shop Drawings Deliverables (ISO Standard drawing Sizes)
HVAC Ducting, Piping & Equipment Layout with section details
Piping & Equipment Layout with Section Details
Fire Fighting System Layout
Electrical Lighting Layout
Lighting & Conduit layout
Cable Tray layout with Section Details
Spool Drawings
Sleeve Drawings
Water Supply Layout
Drainage Layout with Section Details
Rain Water Layout
Prefab Modular Drawings
Builders Work Drawing
HVAC Ducting Layout
Cable Tray Layout
Sleeve Drawingt
Plant Room Layout Plan
Basement Drainage Ceiling Layout
Ceiling Void Ductwork
Fire Fighting Layout
Sleeve Drawing
Plant Room Section Details
Basement Plumbing Layout

Architectural BIM Services Structural BIM Services MEP-HVAC BIM Services Project Management Services (4D) Infrastructure BIM Services

BIMStar Provides following unique Architectural BIM Services BIM Services
•  Architectural 3D Modeling
           •  Interior modeling
           •  External & Internal Finishes)
•  Façade Modeling
•  Architectural CAD Conversion
•  3D Infrastructure Modeling
•  Furniture and Fixture Modeling
•  Mock-Up / Proto type modeling
•  Architectural 2D Drafting & Detailing
•  BOQ-Architectural Model Elements
•  Architectural GFC Layout
•  Scan To BIM Services for Architectural
•  Architectural Modelling for MEP Coordination
•  Architectural Rendering Services
•  3D Walkthrough – Exterior/3D Walkthrough – Interior, 3D Animation

BIMStar Provides following Unique Structural BIM Services
•  Structural 3D Modeling
           •  Main and Secondary Frame modeling
           •  Structural Finishes
•  Façade Modeling
•  3D Precast Modeling
•  Precast Panel Modeling & Detailing
•  3D Rebar Modeling for,
           •  Accurate Rebar BOQ
           •  BBS (Bar Bending Schedules)
•  Structural 2D Drafting & Detailing
•  BOQ-Structural Model Elements
•  Structural GFC Layout (GA Drawings )
•  Scan To BIM Services for Structural
•  Structural Steel Connection Modeling
•  Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings
           •  Assembly Drawings
           •  Single Part Drawings
           •  Multi Part Drawings
           •  Bolt & Weld Lists

BIMStar Provides following unique MEP-HVAC Services
•  3D Mechanical Elements Modeling
•  3D Plumbing Modeling
•  3D Electrical Modeling
•  Clash Detection & Resolution Services
           •  CDR Reports (Project team's review, Approvals and                          incorporation in model). Model based resolution (For                          discrepancies).
           •  Project Coordination Support. Support for Optimized routing
               Support and incorporation into 3D Model.
•  Composite Services Drawings (CSD) From Clash Free Model
           •  Customer specific scale with ISO Standard Drawing Size
•  Shop Drawings / Fabrication Drawings (Single Services Drawings = SSD)
           •  HVAC Ducting & Equipment Layout
           •  Piping & Equipment Layout with Section Details
           •  Fire Fighting System Layout
           •  Lighting & Conduit layout
           •  Cable Tray layout with Section Details
           •  Spool Drawings
           •  Sleeve Drawings
           •  Builders Work Drawing
•  Drainage, water supply, Ran water layout with sectional details

BIMStar Provides following unique Project Management Services (4D) BIM Services
BIMStar 4D SERVICES: (Basic & Advance)
•  Complete initial (planned) schedule incorporation in model by linking      up of the construction schedule provided by Clients/Main Contractor.
•  Mapping site progress into 3D model for various projections,     including      schedule for identifying delays and updating client on any such lapses      and deviations regularly, mostly on fortnightly basis.
•  Planned Vs Actual 3D representation on project status update for      schedule. Thereof incorporating revised schedule and rescheduling      from any such situation
BIMStar 4D SERVICES: (Advance)
•  4D Baseline Schedules
•  4D Schedule Updates
•  4D Logistics Planning
•  4D Collaborative Foremen Meetings
•  4D What-If Scenarios
•  4D Planned vs. Actual
•  4D for Marketing and Public Relations
•  4D Visuals for Claims and Arbitration

BIMStar Provides following unique Infrastructure BIM Services
•  Land Modeling & Detailing
•  Water Network
           •  Water Lines,
           •  Junctions, Valves,
           •  Tanks, Pumps
•  Road Network
           •  Roads, Footpath,
           •  Medians, Signals
•  Cut and Fill Model from 3D Model
•  BOQ of Entire 3D Model Elements
•  Sewerage Treatment Plant, Sewerage Systems
•  Storm Water Drains
           •  Storm lines, manholes
           •  Chambers, junctions
•  Cooking gas lines, Power Systems

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