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BIM isn’t just a fancy 3D CAD model. The latter has been around for quite a while and in most cases represents just the visual aspects of a building. BIM is much more; it’s about creating a model of the project that actually represents its physical characteristics, its performance, the way it’ll be built and anything else of use to the teams involved in designing, building and operating it. Successful BIM delivery in construction sector is not about software, it’s about processes and understanding. It’s about knowing what you, as a contractor or sub-contractor, require to be delivered from the design phase of a project, how you can use this information for the benefit of your organization, and for the benefit of the client. Ultimately, BIM may be about winning business by producing better bids and then delivering projects on time and on budget for a satisfied client.
Actual BIM usage in an production will define the achievable benefits. Please refer
The Benefits of BIM in Construction :
Different organizations and projects will see different benefits from BIM and a different return on investment (37% reported over 25% ROI), particularly over time. However, the key benefits include:

Improved initial design data

Better communication/collaboration

Increased productivity

Reduced rework

Reduced cycle time in many workflows

Improved service to client

Reduced risk

More accurate and earlier cost certainty

More accurate and earlier cost certainty

Reduced waste

Improved design and construction sequence understanding

Facilitates different construction techniques (e.g.pre-fabrication)

Reduced clashes and resulting conflicts

Reduced cost

Marketing purposes and publicity.

Better understanding of the phasing schedule by the owner and project participants and showing the critical path of the project.

Dynamic phasing plans of occupancy offering multiple options and solutions to space conflicts.

Integrate planning of human, equipment and material resources with the BIM model to better schedule and cost estimate the project.

Space and workspace conflicts identified and resolved ahead of the construction process.

Identification of schedule, sequencing or phasing issues.

More readily constructible, operable and maintainable project.

Monitor procurement status of project materials.

Conveying the spatial complexities of the project, planning information, and support conducting additional analyses.Increased productivity and decreased waste on job site
Owner Benefits of BIM
A process change that improves the odds of delivering a building on time an on budget.

Improved design quality, better performing building (systems coordination, engineering analysis)

Fewer change orders (building systems clash detection)

Schedule optimization (construction schedule simulation)

Schedule compression (digital assisted fabrication,offsite fab)

Efficient handover (data exchange for operations/maintenance)

Risk reduction (more transparency)Architect/Engineer Benefits of BIM A data rich digital representation of a building that allows designers to explore design options, conduct analysis and better communicate design intent.

Design prototype (space arrangements, assemblies,materials)

Building systems coordination (space reservation, clash detection)

Analysis (space, lighting, energy, structural)

Drawing production quality (flexible, exploits automation, better coordinated)

Design exploration/interrogation (data rich visual models)

Engineering accuracy (measurement, context)
Architect/Engineer Benefits of BIM
A data rich digital representation of a building that provides a better understanding of the building and assists with construction delivery.

Risk reduction (better understanding of complexity)

Building systems coordination (clash detection,layout)

Shop drawing reduction (model to fabrication)

Digital fabrication (steel, HVAC ducts, piping)

Construction schedule optimization (visual schedule simulation)

Cost estimating (quantity takeoffs) Team Benefits of BIM A project delivery process that encourages collaboration and a focus on data management and sharing.

Efficient processes (forces process re-engineering)

Improved collaboration (concurrent design, process to rally around)

Better decisions (better coordinated information)

Accelerated understanding (graphics + data)

Efficiencies from reuse of data (enter once use many)

Improved data quality (less data re-entry,less human


Architectural BIM Services Structural BIM Services MEP-HVAC BIM Services Project Management Services (4D) Infrastructure BIM Services

BIMStar Provides following unique Architectural BIM Services BIM Services
•  Architectural 3D Modeling
           •  Interior modeling
           •  External & Internal Finishes)
•  Façade Modeling
•  Architectural CAD Conversion
•  3D Infrastructure Modeling
•  Furniture and Fixture Modeling
•  Mock-Up / Proto type modeling
•  Architectural 2D Drafting & Detailing
•  BOQ-Architectural Model Elements
•  Architectural GFC Layout
•  Scan To BIM Services for Architectural
•  Architectural Modelling for MEP Coordination
•  Architectural Rendering Services
•  3D Walkthrough – Exterior/3D Walkthrough – Interior, 3D Animation

BIMStar Provides following Unique Structural BIM Services
•  Structural 3D Modeling
           •  Main and Secondary Frame modeling
           •  Structural Finishes
•  Façade Modeling
•  3D Precast Modeling
•  Precast Panel Modeling & Detailing
•  3D Rebar Modeling for,
           •  Accurate Rebar BOQ
           •  BBS (Bar Bending Schedules)
•  Structural 2D Drafting & Detailing
•  BOQ-Structural Model Elements
•  Structural GFC Layout (GA Drawings )
•  Scan To BIM Services for Structural
•  Structural Steel Connection Modeling
•  Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings
           •  Assembly Drawings
           •  Single Part Drawings
           •  Multi Part Drawings
           •  Bolt & Weld Lists

BIMStar Provides following unique MEP-HVAC Services
•  3D Mechanical Elements Modeling
•  3D Plumbing Modeling
•  3D Electrical Modeling
•  Clash Detection & Resolution Services
           •  CDR Reports (Project team's review, Approvals and                          incorporation in model). Model based resolution (For                          discrepancies).
           •  Project Coordination Support. Support for Optimized routing
               Support and incorporation into 3D Model.
•  Composite Services Drawings (CSD) From Clash Free Model
           •  Customer specific scale with ISO Standard Drawing Size
•  Shop Drawings / Fabrication Drawings (Single Services Drawings = SSD)
           •  HVAC Ducting & Equipment Layout
           •  Piping & Equipment Layout with Section Details
           •  Fire Fighting System Layout
           •  Lighting & Conduit layout
           •  Cable Tray layout with Section Details
           •  Spool Drawings
           •  Sleeve Drawings
           •  Builders Work Drawing
•  Drainage, water supply, Ran water layout with sectional details

BIMStar Provides following unique Project Management Services (4D) BIM Services
BIMStar 4D SERVICES: (Basic & Advance)
•  Complete initial (planned) schedule incorporation in model by linking      up of the construction schedule provided by Clients/Main Contractor.
•  Mapping site progress into 3D model for various projections,     including      schedule for identifying delays and updating client on any such lapses      and deviations regularly, mostly on fortnightly basis.
•  Planned Vs Actual 3D representation on project status update for      schedule. Thereof incorporating revised schedule and rescheduling      from any such situation
BIMStar 4D SERVICES: (Advance)
•  4D Baseline Schedules
•  4D Schedule Updates
•  4D Logistics Planning
•  4D Collaborative Foremen Meetings
•  4D What-If Scenarios
•  4D Planned vs. Actual
•  4D for Marketing and Public Relations
•  4D Visuals for Claims and Arbitration

BIMStar Provides following unique Infrastructure BIM Services
•  Land Modeling & Detailing
•  Water Network
           •  Water Lines,
           •  Junctions, Valves,
           •  Tanks, Pumps
•  Road Network
           •  Roads, Footpath,
           •  Medians, Signals
•  Cut and Fill Model from 3D Model
•  BOQ of Entire 3D Model Elements
•  Sewerage Treatment Plant, Sewerage Systems
•  Storm Water Drains
           •  Storm lines, manholes
           •  Chambers, junctions
•  Cooking gas lines, Power Systems

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